Monday, 12 October 2009

she's a genius

i need new songs to listen. i hate listening to the radio. especially in the morning. where u got this rubbish morning talks, those stupid "gotcha" sessions annoyed me every single time (then again, why did i listen to those rubbish kan? haha). sigh. but really, i need new songs to listen! i've burned like more than 20 CDs, but listened to only the most recent one over and over and over again. i need a new compilation :<

oh another thing, i've never been this cold. never been this ignorant. somehow i'm glad i'm this way now. it makes me impervious to emotional attacks. stops me from being too sensitive.

oh ho. felt like a robot.

it's freaking me out, it has been almost 5 months and a half since i started working with Exxon. where did the past 5 months+ went? i feel indifferent. time just keep passing by, yet i dont move.

what else to babble, hmm...

work is damn tiring, stressful, depressing, demotivating, etc etc.