Friday, 27 February 2009

i'm just doing my thing

Alif lagi


She's calm


Siti Nur Aleesya

The Geologic Time Scale

Blurry reflection

mind you, the title of this post is a snippet from Estrella's Take It Slow. and yeah, i'm actually doing my thing currently: being a full time penganggur, eldest brother (yeah you know, the usual stuff of picking up younger bros and doing chores -_-") and also a full time (???) job seeker. heee :D

it's already 27th of February, in the year of 2009. it has been just past 2 months that i'm job-less. dammit. plans dont just work the way we wanted them to be eh? to be honest, i expect to get at least interviews around this period. so far, what i've achieved are: a full job application to ExxonMobil through my friend, Arif and also 3 resumes submitted to 3 companies during the UNITEN Career Fair 2 days back. the companies: Schlumberger, Sime Darby and Alstom. pretty impressive huh? the companies, i mean. hehe. so total of 4 applications. i'm hoping for the best. and do wish me the best, you guys out there! ;P

i do wish to apply for General Electric, Shell, Honeywell, Eurocopter and some other aerospace/oil & gas companies out there. the time will come, the time will come. the application process, i mean. haha. oh i've been so damn lazy and procrastinated lots of chores. i have millions of photos need to be edited and posted. yet i felt like i've nothing to do! haha. anyway, i will be concentrating on my job application for the time being. wish me luck! :)

oh and 3 days ago, i went to the Lake Garden (or the less glamourous Taman Tasik Perdana) for a photo outing with my fellow Adelaide colleagues. i was surprised that there were so many places to visit around that area (if any of you know the Tugu Negara area). the places i recall: Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Deer Park, the Lake Garden itself and lots of other parks exist in that area. haha. i will surely visit that place again. and also the Central Market :D

hehe, guess this time around i'm babbling bout the activities i did during my job-less period eh? the emotions can wait ;)


Wednesday, 11 February 2009