Friday, 27 February 2009

i'm just doing my thing

Alif lagi


She's calm


Siti Nur Aleesya

The Geologic Time Scale

Blurry reflection

mind you, the title of this post is a snippet from Estrella's Take It Slow. and yeah, i'm actually doing my thing currently: being a full time penganggur, eldest brother (yeah you know, the usual stuff of picking up younger bros and doing chores -_-") and also a full time (???) job seeker. heee :D

it's already 27th of February, in the year of 2009. it has been just past 2 months that i'm job-less. dammit. plans dont just work the way we wanted them to be eh? to be honest, i expect to get at least interviews around this period. so far, what i've achieved are: a full job application to ExxonMobil through my friend, Arif and also 3 resumes submitted to 3 companies during the UNITEN Career Fair 2 days back. the companies: Schlumberger, Sime Darby and Alstom. pretty impressive huh? the companies, i mean. hehe. so total of 4 applications. i'm hoping for the best. and do wish me the best, you guys out there! ;P

i do wish to apply for General Electric, Shell, Honeywell, Eurocopter and some other aerospace/oil & gas companies out there. the time will come, the time will come. the application process, i mean. haha. oh i've been so damn lazy and procrastinated lots of chores. i have millions of photos need to be edited and posted. yet i felt like i've nothing to do! haha. anyway, i will be concentrating on my job application for the time being. wish me luck! :)

oh and 3 days ago, i went to the Lake Garden (or the less glamourous Taman Tasik Perdana) for a photo outing with my fellow Adelaide colleagues. i was surprised that there were so many places to visit around that area (if any of you know the Tugu Negara area). the places i recall: Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Deer Park, the Lake Garden itself and lots of other parks exist in that area. haha. i will surely visit that place again. and also the Central Market :D

hehe, guess this time around i'm babbling bout the activities i did during my job-less period eh? the emotions can wait ;)



Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

i've said this already, but the second baby picture FTW!

aku balik Msia kau kena sifu2 aku okkk


syed abdul khaliq said...

hehe, thanks2

aaa, ape2 pun ko kne balik dlu aa gak wei...btw, the money has arrived! woooot. lens hunting begins!

ihsan_huhu said...

apsal ko ske letak gamba alip?


syed abdul khaliq said...

byk sgt gambar die dlm comp aku..bkn aku amik pun padahal...hahaha

theroyalcrapster said...

banyak job vacancies kat jusco setiawangsa. hehehe.

nway, gmbr elmo plg best :p

syed abdul khaliq said...

wahaha vacancies as what? penjual muka ek? hehehe...

girlsss, and their elmosss...haha, u're the 2nd person to think that :P

theroyalcrapster said...

vacancies as macam-macam. jaga tester pun ada.

hehe. biasa la ;p i'd like to say the last picture actually, tp i rasa tangan tu slack sket. so elmo menang :D