Saturday, 22 August 2009

took things for granted

elo. we meet again :) i guess i've probably lost almost 99% of my blog readers (coz i dont have much to start with). sigh. haha. give me a chance to do this again k?

so what's up?
  • it's the 1st day of Ramadhan today. Happy Fasting everyone. may we continue doing the good deeds we used to, but with additions during this Holy month.
  • it has been 114 days i've worked with ExxonMobil. to be honest, i'm still not able to stabilize my life up till now. i guess that's the point of working over there, to always feel uncomfortable.
  • hence, becoming one of the source of discontentment i'm having right now. it's not like i have been content ever since, but, it has gotten worse :(
  • trust me, working life is hard. the money is good, the status is even better. but the freedom to choose u get, is really gonna make u miserable. freedom to choose: u can literally pave ur own way in life in whatever way u desire. men are naturally greedy, never satisfied with what they have. note: men = human being, bukan lelaki only. :P
  • it's such a big world out there, endless discovery - but what goes around comes around, no matter how hard we tried to escape cliches, we'll end up in one. and u'll get to know people in the most impossible way possible.
  • hence, the world is actually small.
  • i've realized that i've not been buying gadgets since i started working.
  • current gadget crave: HTC Hero (screw iPhone)
  • oh besarnye gambar di atas. but yeah, that is as far as my gadget hunger goes. nothing else :|
  • i went to the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. my 1st concert since i was, 9 years old or something. back then it was KRU. hahaha. it was kinda nice, coz i get to scream my lungs out, let go off everything.
  • wish i could be that carefree all the time, but life's like this, it cant get any better - at least i thought of it that way, i dont care if u dont. it will get better, but when? i might die tomorrow, so it wont get better la then. huhu
  • oh, life (damn, been getting around life for now, someone's gonna hit me back with this. haha). ok, lets continue. oh, life in KL is making me impatient. the traffic jams, the long queues, the amount of people - what you call living life in the fast lane. affected my driving attitude as well. fast. lane. must. speed. accelerate. reduce. braking. sigh.
  • i rarely have time for myself.
  • i guess i dont love myself enough.
  • i have a new bad habit.
  • i'm afraid of consequences. i'm afraid to give myself reasons to deviate, even for my own good.
  • i took things for granted.
people took me for granted previously. i guess it's affecting me now. i tend to not care much bout things and when i did that, i tend to care too much on a single thing. No matter what it is, i dont wanna care what's the consequence gonna be.

i did take things for granted, consciously. but i know i'm making up for it consciously too. i hope that i'll turn out to be a better person along Ramadhan.

for that, I apologize to everyone affected. its a conscious decision, but forced to do so by situations. i'm not perfect, so forgive my humanly weaknesses.

to everyone, lets not take this month for granted, as what we did last year. we never know if we're gonna be in this month again. so be grateful! ;)

enough rants for today. will be resumed some time later next week. hopefully with good news and brighter outlook on my side.

welcoming myself back with a brand new look.

last but not least, these are the previous collection of photos that i'm supposed to post 3 months ago i think? haha. i would wanna take more photos in the short future. hope for the best!

ExxonMobil Building

ExxonMobil Building

I wish for serenity like this

But the sorrow as this kept coming back

Penang National Park in HDR

A long way down

Bukit Bendera


Moniot Road


Dewa Gigam



Mr. Driver + Photog Boss


Bukit Bendera Cable Car Track

Bukit Bendera Cable Car Station

to you: this aint gonna be easy. but no matter how hard it is, how complicated the path i'm taking to make this happen, i'll hold on to it. my prayers with this.


Mat Iyas said...

stalker!! heee
gud 2 see u writing again!!haha~
get well soon~

eeleechan said...

why not do what you do best AND feeling content while you're doing it . like photography . full-time photography is what i mean . i've seen and long been impressed by your photos to be honest . you'll still can earn good money form it . well it's just a thot . in the meantime, just hang in there yea !

Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

lets get married and we'll have pretty children that we can dress in pink.

anne mohamad tabib said...

edwan and his daughters. haha!
that bad ke working in kL? :/

now im scared.

ihsan_huhu said...

fullamak.. exxonmobil siot sure kaye nih. tp apsal xgemok2 gk? abg aku start kje ngn shell je tros berat naik dkt2 double hahaha

nih apsal rambut ko cam pelik je.

Razana Adam Lee said...

penat but the pay is damn good kan?
oh saya sungguh materialistik

syed abdul khaliq said...

iyas: sape yg stalk sape tah ni. haha, it feels good to write again. i shud do this more often (yeah right). thx anyway.

eelee: oh dun flatter me. n oh, i cant do full time lor! then 4years wud come to a waste :P i enjoy engineering, but i guess takde rezeki nak join aerospace companies yet :P thx anyway...

edwan: absolutely. "pink". haha...sigh3

anne: haha, edwan likes daughters. working in KL? ask edwan la. huhu. well, there are pros n cons, depends on how u handle them la ;) dun be scared, u'll only work in shah alam right? haha. but do join me in Exxon one day! :P

ihsan: dude, lame tak dgr cite. bile mau jd physiologist berjaya? dah masuk paper ni, so mesti hebat. haha. tu aa, aku takleh gemuk siot, pdhal duit gaji abis utk mkn je. taktau la ape mslh. rambut aku cam pelik? tu bkn aku pun klau ko maksudkan gambar2 aku post tu. haha

raz: hahahahaha. depends on the work la kan to say the pay is damn good :P but pharmacist kan kaya nnt., bleh blanje! weehoo. more dominos plz. garu punggung la lagi.

Oh My Photoblog! said...

aku ingat encik bersama D200 tu adalah kau. ada sikit terkejut la semalam melihat perubahan fizikal anda. hehe.

Oh My Photoblog! said...

oh alamak, lupa. selamat maju jaya dgn exxonmobil. semoga dapat apa yg diidamkan kelak :)

theroyalcrapster said...

pergh agaknya sebab lama tak update pjg gila this post! info-overload! hahaha.

well, sometimes it takes a routine to build the fireworks. relax, baru 114 days kat exxon kan. nnt lama2 dh adapt sure akan enjoy!

p/s: you need spa bebeh! :pp