Wednesday, 14 January 2009

anew has been quite long. i'm back at Malaysia, Shah Alam to be specific ;) and i'm loving the fact that i'm home again and hopefully, for real and for good. coz you know, there are some things that i dont really look forward to when i came back. huhu. anywayyy, now i'm officially a grape planter. or well known as penganggur. haha. now that i have a degree (which me myself still couldnt grasp the significance of having a degree yet), marks a significant (now i know) point in my life. WORK. damn, that strucked me hard. like my cousin said, "once you work, that's what you're going to do for the rest of your life". so, even though i'm really really damn bored like hell now, i guess i should appreciate the "resting period" i'm having right now.

i hope i made my parents proud of this. i can never repay every single blood and sweat they shed for me in making me a successful person in life. i cant thank them enough. but, thank you :)
btw, thats my 2nd bro on the left and my youngest bro on the right. the picture was taken by someone (acknowledged) in front of the Elder Hall, The University of Adelaide: 23rd Dec 2008

the best of buddies, Reza and Nizam. before anyone else terase sbb aku tak mention, u guys arent here yet k? ;P these two bastards entertained me while i had a really2 bad time when i first arrived here, coping with this and that and changes as well. i pansily miss you guys. haha. damn, now that i'm alone, what am i going to do. sigh.

what else have i been doing? eat, eat and eat. i spend most of my savings to treat myself a feast or feasts. haha. we (Faizal, his gf Sofia, Reza, me and Nizam who took this picture) went to Muara Seafood Klang and treated ourselves with a seafood feast. i cant say how much i enjoyed the food! eventho i know some people may say its not the best place, but i dont give a damn, i just got back from AUSTRALIA, the land where i cant get Siakap Masak Tiga Rasa, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Udang Masak Sambal, Pari Bakar, Air Kelapa, Nasi Lemak (what we ate there ;P). thinking back, made me drool again! haha.


back here again. still, some things havent changed. somehow, i didnt saw that many rempits anymore here in Shah Alam (or is it just me?). people still drive insanely fast, which i'm also not sure whether they're running after something or just showing off their big cars or skills of driving or just purely being arrogant? typically Malaysian i think ;P for almost 2 weeks i've settled down here in Shah Alam, i've had a near miss (almost had an accident) for more than 3 times. freaked me out. its just that people didnt care much to give a signal while overtaking/changing lanes and some were just ignorant about their surroundings. sigh, welcome back Syed.

i cant deny myself being a petrol head/speed freak, but i drive sensibly. after all, u cant be slow all the time, coz sometimes being slow increases your chance of getting hit by other fast going cars. bile letak speed limit 110 km/h, bawak 90 je plak kan. sheesh, thats another thing. haha, enough bragging bout Malaysia's Horrible Traffic.

anyway, i guess i should be active (blogging) once again now that i'm bored and lonely. all of my friends are still studying, only few of them worked already, still, none of them are FREE like me. sigh (again).

i welcome myself back to beloved bittersweet Malaysia :)

p/s: sorry to those who checked out my blog now and then to find it not updated ;P


i aint freakin'
i aint fakin' this
shut up and let me go, hey! :D



Block ko nye diary sabtu mlm ahad ni...Kite pie belasah kerapu2 dkt Asia Cafe. Hehe.

Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

nantikan kepulangan aku yea sayang


Mat Iyas said...

welcome home!
its funny to hear u grumble about the

siot abu xajak aku!!cett~

syed abdul khaliq said...

abu: haha, bley2 insyaAllah. hopefully aku tak occupied aa time tu. bleh mbelasah seafood lg!

edwan: aku senantiasa menanti kepulangan mu sayang ku...haha...balik la yidiota...

iyas: thanks! haha, dah msian traffic cam hampeh, aku drive keje nak maki hamun org lain je...haha pe lagi, jom aa join skali...the more the merrier

.:farayas:. said...

dem u! why'd u have to talk abt food??? huhu.. march is the deciding month 4 me so u might see me sooner than u'd expect.. haha~

syed abdul khaliq said...

ngahaha...i'm lovin' the food over here. i can never get enough of msian foods! aku blom gi mkn steak lagi ni...pokai la katakan...

oh yeah? well, i wish u the best then ;)

ihsan_huhu said...

aku dh berfutsal kat SA arituh

syed abdul khaliq said...

hua tak roger...aku sibuk pun recently...bilik bersepah...haha