Thursday, 29 January 2009

i've been tagged -_-"

razana tagged me! how dare u...haha

well, i'm bored so lets tag:

1. Do you think you're HOT? - Hot? hmm. i'm hot as in panas je la. haha. i'm no bahan panas.

2. Upload your favourite picture(s) of you -

3. Why do you like that picture? - Hmm, coz the pic looks sooo cool. haha. i guess i'm cool for being in it too ;P run baby run!

4. When was the last time you ate pizza? - Obviously during dominos night with reza and nizam :D

5. The last song u listened to? -
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of Understatement

6. What r u doing rite now beside this? -
Hmm, surfing Engadget, chatting @ YM, listening to my iTunes tracks

7. What name would u prefer besides yours? -
Oh, i'm ok with just my name ;)

8. People I Tag:

haha, i dunno nak tag sape :|

9. Who is no. 1? -
My favourite sleeping buddy

10. Who is no. 2? - My favourite tanam anggur buddy

11. Say something about no.5 - When u tanam anggur, u'll always get questions with "erk?" answers

12. How about no. 4? - zzz

13. Who is no. 3? - i cant do thisss

14. Finally, tell about no. 6 - he's got no one to tag lorrr... :P


Razana Adam Lee said...


Razana Adam Lee said...


.:farayas:. said...

i like the pic better than ur avatar... very nice silhoutte (xreti nk eja) :-"