Sunday, 29 March 2009

High Dynamic Range (HDR) post processed photos

Seri Wawasan Bridge Sunset in HDR

Mazda RX8 in HDR

Putra Mosque Sunset HDR-ed

Putrajaya HDR in B&W

KPDN & HEP Building in HDR

i already ran out of flickr upload quota and i thought of waiting for the quota to be reset before i post a new entry, but seeing my blog not updated for too long made me anxious. hehe. so here are my latest obsession/specialization/craze collection of the infamous post-processing technique: HDR. head to the link for further explanation :D

it has been quite some time that i didnt post pictures of landscapes and i hope to continue taking landscape photos :) i'm not motivated enuf to go to places alone to take picturessss. haha

i dont know what else to write here. been admitted to the hospital last week, sucks. but getting the news of being called upon for a pre-employment medical checkup during discharge day was sumthing good, really good to hear. so basically life's in balance. :) and i'm grateful for that.

life seems brighter ahead. i hope it will be.

oh oh, and i got myself a job as a wedding photographer! who would've imagined that i'll venture into this arena of photography...huhu. its gonna be a very good experience :D and if all goes well, i hope to continue this as a part time job ;P

till then~


i'm still lost and blind.


Mat Iyas said...


still luv ur black&white...huu~

misz_dayzee said...

wooo... dah nak dpt keje...

org di sini maseh menganggur..

Razana Adam Lee said...


syed abdul khaliq said...

iyas: hehe. nnt la byk black and white edit aku wat utk that day...wakaka...thx for adoring :D

ina: hehe. insyaAllah la dpt. just pray that my checkup lepas! weehoo. hehe

raz: oo ek? thanks! hehe :D

signither said...

tanak ajak aku TA ke.. lol..

syed abdul khaliq said...

TA tu amende. forgive the nubness of abbreviations. haha

nkecik said...

wah lawanyer umah aku!

'all the best with study hell' eh.. ko pun all the best with 'office hell' pulak, kekeke..!!

congrats n do ur best,buddy!!

ihsan_huhu said...

jgn lupe gune je mode burst kang time kenduri kawen.. mcm efektive gle je

signither said...

TA = tag along

dari pemahaman aku: istilah yang digunapakai apabila seorang photog (liit) mengajak photog yang lain (nub) untuk tolong cover (mostly sekadar amik candid sekitar) event


Ilma said...

syed..congratz for the new job. I've tried wedding photography, x berapa minat aa..sbb agak kalut..but kau yang sifu mesti xde mslh..hehe

syed abdul khaliq said...

anne: tu rumah Allah la, bkn rumah ko. hahaha. office wont be hell! blaja mane dpt duit, keje dpt duittt... :P thanks anyway

ihsan: haha takleh doh nak burst sambil gune flash. outdoor nnt aku burst2 la ek. dlm minggu dpn aku upload la hasil.

chad: ooo haha, aku lebih nub la cmtu, TA pun tatau. blum tahap liit lagi, equipment nubis saje. ko tu equipment liit. wedding kat penang ma. nnt la job dkt2, aku ajak ko TA

mamau: hehe thanks a lot. oh ni pun baru 1st time, tgk la hasil nnt, klau agak2 cam ok, bleh continue jadi part time plak :P aku bkn that tere punnn...haha

ihsan_huhu said...

aku tgk cine cameraman time abg aku kawen selambe burst2 time abg aku sain borang nikah tuh

nkecik said...

eh,ko wedding photographer aku kan? all da best dude. aku rindu korg sume :(

Capik! said...

nak TA gak!!!!!!!!

syed abdul khaliq said...

ihsan: haha tak dapat la nak burst dgn flash gun nye recharge lembab 4 saat. haha

anne: ye ye, jgn tibe2 tuka org lain dah la...haha takpe2, dah nak grad dah tu...make sure grad la, then balik aa :D

acis: haha, balik msia dlu bebbb