Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lake Garden photo outing, new lens and old pic


old pic
Glenelg Wharf

new lens
Guitar model in B&W

Miniature Guitar

Lake Garden photo outing


I see you shooting me shooting you


Chuck Taylor

Aku nmpk ade 'nate' kat situ

Water drops on a yellow flower

"Ina kne marah kat dapur"

oh yeah, i know, i've been quite actively posting pics to flickr recently. i guess i'm a bit motivated by some of my close photog buddies. hehe. good for me tho, i need to work my ass off to really really improve my photography skills (and obviously to finish going through my collection before tons of other photos to be taken -_-"). to be honest, i dont really think that i'm up to the standards of those who really had the passion in photography out there. i do see improvements, even if its tiny, hey, its a start right? ;P

i want to make a photo collage on my bedroom wall. this idea had been around in my head for quite some time, its just that i dont think i have enough suitable photos to start with. any ideas for a photo collage? theme? substance? subject? anything that any of you can throw me with. hehe. i dont want to create the random uncreative collage like some people ;P

oh, my 1st ever job interview sudah berlaluuuu~ haha. it was really really tiring to be honest. the interview lasted for the whole day, 8-5pm. one group interview, 3 individual interviews. 11 candidates, 2 groups. i'm the only freshie in my group plak tu. haih. haha. its not too bad, not too bad. i can say it was kinda 'ok'. but then, ok doesnt mean impressive. but it was a good experience, a good chance for me to meet new ppl. "networking is the most important thing when u work" quoted from one of the interviewers ;P i'm hoping for the best, for me to get through. hehe. pray for me!


some people just took me easily. some treated me like i have no feelings, no emotions. some just dont give a shit if i feel offended by their remarks. i just dunno whats wrong with these people.

then again, maybe its just me?

give me a chance.


Muhammad Edwan Shaharir said...

suggested photo collage theme: PORN

btw sape treat u as no feelings ni? meh sni aku pukul dia.

syed abdul khaliq said...

hoits, like i'm gonna do that la kan...sumthing possible la :-L

haha...well, these kind of people la...why shud i care

theroyalcrapster said...

emo juga brader ni.(look who's talking juga la kan) hehe ok chill.

nways, ni kena bgtau: GILA COOL GUITAR ITU!!!! (siapa empunya?) nampak mcm gibson flying v, tp maybe bukan. pergh. hebat2. *beristighfar*

so secara tak langsung, gambar kedua dan ketiga the best buat post kali ini. (tp kalo bg perspektif sket kat gmbr gitar tu pasti lg hebat, sbb dia black and white)

syed abdul khaliq said...

haha emo beb. i wish i have sumthing to chill with. dahla lonely n nothing to do, so life sux aa for the time being. ade blog je pun nak merungut2. wakaka.

wahaha, i assume u already know that the guitar is actually a miniature guitar? as in like, just a tad bit bigger than ur palm size? haha. i wish i had the gibson flying V la kan, but then again, main gitar pun tak reti2 lagi -_-"

susah wo nak amik perspective, coz i dun have a long zoom lens, n that guitar is too small, so its kinda tricky. hehe

but anyway, thanks for liking those pics :D

theroyalcrapster said...

ehhh u got a camera (and a new lens!) how come bole life sucks pula! yea, thank god for blogs kan.

omg!! ingatkan real! patutla nampak mcm tak complex je gitar tuh. cis. u got me man. tp pape pun mmg cool la. haish. nak flying v juga. buat tatapan je la tapi.

ohh yea sebab dia kecik kan. xde long zoom yg bole buat main lighting jela kan..

(still cant believe it's miniature)

syed abdul khaliq said...

haha. i need a serious partner in crime to really exploit my DSLR. going out alone, cam a bit boring, n i do prefer sumone to criticize "real-time". huhu

haha, well, u're not the only one! so, dont feel fooled yet :P the guitar's in red and white. bought at tangkuban parahu, bandung :D

hey, bila mau menceburi DSLR? or u already have one ;))

theroyalcrapster said...

yea, tabest la outing sorang kan. pegi ramai2 baru nmpk mcm segerombolan paparazzi. lol.

wahhhhh, a red and white guitar is definitely awesome! eh eh, macam warna tema baru bilik je? haha.

well, weird as it sounds, i ain't got no DSLR; SLR sahaja saya guna ;p semua manual..

syed abdul khaliq said...

haha right2!

the theme: grey, white, black, red :D

haha thats not weird, thats cool what! tapi tu la, SLR take up more $$$ la kan. hehe. tak trase nak mceburi digital?

theroyalcrapster said...

wah, since tak bekerja ni buat room makeover eh! good2.

yea, more $$ in terms of developing and films la. but it's the thrill man. hehe. nway my mom mmg train i guna slr je. dslr kena tunggu uang jatuh dari langit dong!

:)) haha tgk la nnt rezeki ada beli dslr, but for now make do je lah kan?

syed abdul khaliq said...

haha mesti la, kata 4-5years tak occupy the room this frequently. need to revamp la :D

uiyo, ur mom train? gile babs ah. tabik2. hehe. did u scan+upload ur pics? if got..mau tgk juge..

theroyalcrapster said...

oh yea, adelaide occupied you. haha

not really train la. she used to be a photog gak zmn muda2 dulu. hehe. used to help her out.

nope, i develop je. tak scan pun. HAHA super malas kan? horrors~

tapi effect dia kalo guna film b&w mmg awesome la. u shud try it out sometime ;p